Location and processing steps of musselculture


Mussel cultures are located in one of the most important wetlands in Greece: The Axios - Loudias - Aliakmonas Estuaries National Park.


Consisting of:

  • the estuaries of the Gallikos river
  • the Kalohori lagoon
  • the Nea Agathoupoli marsh
  • the Alyki Kitrous lagoon which is included in the protected areas network of Natura 2000 and Ramsar Convention.
  • Thermaikos Gulf is the most important region for mussel cultivation in Greece reaching the 80% of the national productivity.


Growth rate

The large amounts of nutrients that the rivers enrich Thermaikos Gulf affects the growth rate of mussels. As a result we have larger mussels and quicker harvest.

Mussel spat

The most important stage of mussel culture is keeping the mussel spat in socks (round tubular nets) untill it has reached the desirable growth.




1stChange of socks

When the mussels grow up and get out of the socks it is time to get them transferred in bigger socks.

2nd Change of socks

The same as in 1st change but in a larger diameter sock

Bags of mussels

The last procedure is the cleaning, polishing, and separating the same growth of mussels in each bag.